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Hey y’all, I wanted to show you guys how incredibly useful this little hack is. I always wanted a nice flatbed style plant mover that was tall that plants would not be able to tip out of.  I wanted to Control it from either side with rarely ever having to turn it around. Saw the barbecue on the side of the road. Took the barbecue off. Use the frame with wheels. As you can see has a handle on each side. I just measured out the best size for my space and built box out of wood that I had. As you can see it’s narrow enough to fit easily through doors. And through thin isles that are low. When my veg room  gets a little crowded I use this as a table In the middle aisle. It’s so easy to pull in and out. I just pull it all out if I need to do anything With space or plants. It was free and I used up garbage. It has just been so goddamn useful. Had to share. Because I know we all move around our share of potted plants.