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Last year I had such a time trying to move my heavy plants around. When I had any type of square edge on a stand it would just did in to the ground and piss me off. My greenhouse is not paved… yet.  Also the floor is not level and water would wanna do what water dose and soak half the pot while the high side stayed dry. I said fuck the dumb shit. Do it right or do it twice. With my rocker bottom design I can easily drag without burring myself in the floor. It slides. When I really want to drain a pot I prop up a side for a few and it really seems to drain heavy. The way the sun is, I can slant them to it. But really, you know how I knew I had a fucking masterpiece? When my design was copied by a master carpenter for his plants! No patent pending. I don’t care about all the fame and fortune. Lol so feel free to copy. Just tell me so I can stroke myself a little more. Haa haa