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Hello to the rest of the DGC, I have finally got my grow going and I am going the organic way , doing some teas , always use recharge Love the stuff. Anyways my plants are in veg, I am in a Gorilla grow tent 2×4, running Mars hydro, HLG 100 rspec, and also a spider farmer sf1000. Got intake and out take ac infinity. I am growing 2 skunk plus and 2 super A.K.s 2 5 Gallon smart pots and 2 3 gallon radical bags. Using Third Eye Organics bio char living soil , amended worm castings, and greengro dry amendments. Just wanted to give ya a run down of my grow. I am waiting on some alfalfa seeds and was wondering if I could spread the seeds in my pot and just water them like regular or do I need to germinate the alfalfa seeds in water? Using some straw now for covering my soil and wanted some tips on alfalfa instructions/benefits. Thank you guys so much for teaching me all the knowledge you have gave me has definitely helped me change my life. Good growings. And stay healthy.