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Here are the basic charts I have used for the past 15 years when planning my gardens.  I also purchase the old farmers almanac annually to have the moon’s astrological placement and the moon phase information readily available.

This is a simple way to know the moon phase naturally:  The first quarter moon rises in the afternoon, the full moon rises at night, the third quarter moon rises in the morning, and the new moon does not rise at all.

There are other hints and tips from the zodiac based planting.  Harvest during the falling moon in a fire sign to prevent rot.  Graft in the first or second quarter.  Never plant or transplant in barren signs.  Plant flowers in the 1st quarter libra for flowers or in the falling moon for seeds.  Plant for above ground fruits in the rising moon and roots in the falling moon.  All sorts of great stuff.

I think this stuff works, but the bride thinks I’m crazy.