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Hey guys sorry for the frequent questions but I was listening to a TED talk (Networks on TED radio hour) about the rhizosphere. The woman who gave the talk spoke on the mycelium that connect all the plants in the forest. Similarly to the RadioLab episode they gave a background on the underground network but what I found interesting about this one was that she spoke specifically about mother trees.


“We grew mother trees with kin and stranger seedlings and it turns out they do recognize their kin. Mother trees colonize their kin with bigger mycorrhizal networks, they send them more carbon below ground, they even reduce their own root competition to make ‘elbow room’ for their kids. When mother trees are injured or dying they also send messages or wisdom to their next generation of seedlings. These have increased the resistance of these seedlings to future stresses.”

I was wondering if anyone in the community that grows many plants in the same soil have tried growing seedlings or clones in the same soil as mother plants and what their results were. Seems like an interesting experiment for Scotty and is definitely a more natural way to grow.