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Try to keep this short and sweet, kinda my last girlfriend, but as lot more sweet. Let me get my nose a little brown real quick and tell you all I always dig the show and learn a bit from time to time. Always great to listen to you all on those many hours I spend doing absolutely nothing just raking in the money like everyone says us urban growers do (yeah right…)

So all bs aside, I’m looking to start some tissue culture of my plants. I have an amazing cut ofg GSC that I was supposed to keep alive ย ( I was 1 of 4 or 5) and guess what, everyone else killed theres. SO here I am trying to reveg this one little fucker who is barely making it. (Fingers crossed) And I was really hoping that I am able to make a tissue culture from it. So lets get to the questions and what I do and don’t know….

1) Can you clone a plant while its in flower? Does it matter the stage that the plant is in when take tissue culture> Does this affect things at all?

2) Could we go over a ghetto run of making a tissue culture in my kitchen? If not maybe a brief outline, some tips?

3) I’m ย trying to reveg any tips? Damn thing looks sad as shit with the leaves clawing very heavily.

Ok, so those are some brief questions, but hopefully with this topic you all can make a killer show and tell me how fucking awesome I am for coming up with this topic. Or if you’ve already covered it tell me to step the fuck down and shut up and listen to more shows.

Real quickly what I do kinda know.

  1. the plant culture kit you can buy is ridiculously over priced for what it contains.
  2. you need the below nutrient mix and Agar as the feeding for the the plant tissue.

MURASHIGE & SKOOG (MS) Medium (with sucrose/NAA/BA) contains the macro- and micronutrients and vitamins as described by Murashige & Skoog (1962) as well as auxin (NAA) and cytokinin (BA). This MS medium is the mostly used medium for plant/orchids tissue culture and cloning.

3. you need to be very fucking clean, cleaner than when that hot girl is coming over. LIKE WAYYY CLEANSER.

4. You sterilize everything being very clean, this being the baby food jars with lids, tweezers scalpels, and some other things I’m surely forgetting. In a pressure cooker at 15 PSI for 30 minutes???

5. you be sure and give the host plant a good rinse / 10 minute wash of a srile solution before introducing it to the agar mix.

6. You wait for snotty and the dude to give me advice.

That’s the quick version as I know this is still new territory for us growers but thought it would be awesome to get your alls opinion and or advice.

Thanks for fighting the good fight and spreading knowledge.

-Hill billy from Appalachia now lost in the mountains of California. (not really CA mountains, I’m surrounded by concrete now but it a sounds good. )