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Hi guys, I signed up a while ago but was so worried about anonymity that I created an ultrasecure system to access the site and then forgot how to log in and didn’t have a way to recover the password.  Now my state is legal, go figure. Anyway, I’m moving from hand-watering to drip irrigation in a 4’x8′ Vegamatrix/Hempy drain-to-waste system and wondering if, in the quest for ultra-pure medicine, I should use food-grade barrels, trash cans, siphon mixers on a manifold (I have a hose bib in my grow room), or something else.  I’ve only ever used 30 gallon Rubbermaid containers but they never stop smelling like plastic.  Any thoughts on the least toxic option?  I’m not a crazy person about this stuff, just figure if I’m buying something new might as well do it right.  The reservoirs are outside the grow room, so space isn’t an issue.