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What’s up DGC?? Just wanted to show off this beautiful lady on day 46 of bloom. This is my first attempt with this cultivar. It’s Platinum OG Punch Breath by Tarantula Genetics. Looking pretty frosty. Smells like sweet berries and gas. Buds have a faint purple hue to them that don’t translate well in the photos. These are grown in 7 gal fabric pots with coco. Using Canna nutrients line. I also use Facilitor by Aptus for silica, Botanicare CalMag and Earth Juice hi brix Molasses. Also 1 weekly dose of Recharge thru week 5 of bloom. Using co2 under a Luxx 645 led. Hope you guys have a wonderful day and thank you for bringing so much information to the growing community. Greatly appreciated!