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Hello Dgc,

I have my 2nd grow, 1st indoor grow. 1st grow was successful, I am an experienced gardener outside of cannabis. My 1st indoor is a 2×4 ac infinity tent, with ac infinity intake, vivosun outtake with carbon filter, 6in oscillating fan, Spiderfarmer 200, gorilla glue autos, in 4 gallon smart pots, sitting in happy frog and black gold seedling mix up top. Popped right in soil, tnb co2 bottle, water low 6 to high 6 naturally constant, also it sits to evaporate water..  they were doing great, 1 still is and I can’t figure it out.  I barely watered, but looked exactly like overwatering. I did use Recharge lightly after first true leaves developed, than also did 1 feeding of very very light cal-mag and big bloom feeding. With one being healthy, should I hurry up and flush?

Please any tips you can think of even outside original question, please comment