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What’s up DGC! Scott, Dude, Guru, OG DGC. Fellas I need some help! I’m running a 2.5×4.5×6.5 tent in my garage with a 250W HPS, a 150W LED Mars hydro and I have a second Mars LED 150 in the tent as well looking to fire up a little after the stretch begins. I’m doing 1 plant that’s all the chick would allow…. big tent for one plant I know. So I put my spot cooler in the tent with plenty of room a dehumidifier because it’s always humid as fuck here, ran my water byproduct to a condensation pump an out the garage environment stays pretty comfortable in there never gets above 83°. Also have a aquarium chiller, that keeps it about 68° in the Res. All in DWC. Iv been running the Emerald Harvest line which i’ve had very good success with in all my previous runs. Had E.C at 1.6 backed it down to 1.4. Using tap water after a day of sitting with a air stone in it. The PPM out the tap are high cause i’m on the coast so i start with a 0.8 E.C But I’m growing D.G.C Fam, Kind bud farms Auto watermelon punch i run 15ml of Cal-Mag, 20ml Hydroguard (just in case) an Great white. Running Nutes at half strengths in early veg 4.5 gallons of water in the Res. And iv pretty much am doing all I can to BEAST this one plant like my Auto Berry Lowryder. No bugs i’ve checked 5 times a day….SMH….. I definitely could use some advice. I’d take a bullet for DGC, absolutely love the show and the community!