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I have had all kind of problems and I’m not sure which one is  major problem killing my plants. What I am trying to avoid is chopping the whole grow down. I know that’s probably what I should do, I just can’t afford to so if there’s any way to avoid that.  I don’t really care about organic at this point if I have too. I have a dedicated 9 ft by 9 ft room with the carpet pulled up, a nice led, a old 600 watt high pressure sodium and the t5 light, window unit dehumidifier cover three fans, CO2.  Coco soil mix. Drain to waste, 9 plants, 4 big, 2 med and 3 small. First mistake was not having the room ready and I thought I’ll force myself to get it done if I go buy some plants. But I also have a newborn and work a ton blah blah. I have all this stuff now, but I have kind of been adding them week-by-week. Right now my temperature, light and humidity is good.

Here is a list of everything that has gone wrong. I bought clones with powdery mildew, root aphids and spider mites. I know more IPM next time, trust me. The guy at the grow store mixed the soil bags up in his head and sold me the one that had fertilizer in it. Instead of the one that had none. I didn’t have my PPM meter until a couple weeks in. I have an RO machine, but I live in Norman Oklahoma and apparently have some of the worst water in the country. It comes out of the RO machine almost a 9 pH. And we have something call the chromium 6 or something that kills all the beneficial microbes and causes cancer. I was doing 75% city water, 25% RO and didn’t have a pH meter for a couple weeks.

First time growing in Coco and accidentally let the medium dry out a couple times and the runoff PPM went up to 2000. Tried to get rid of p.m. and spider mites with a soybean oil product. I mixed it at the strongest recommended ratio. It said you may wash off with water in one hr but I  had to be at work at 5 a.m. and it was already 2 a.m. and I said I’ll do it in the morning but it ended up being like 7 the next night. I came in and they looked like this, I smelled like dried up leaves. They were falling off everywhere. This is also one of the times that I let the soil dry out a bit and moved them around which causes a lot of stress. I have washed  them off really well, and flush them really good and fed them to water for a couple days.  My pH has been good for a couple of weeks. Good circulation in the room. But I don’t know if my main problem is but rot, or newt deficiencies / lockout Or bugs.  I also sprayed a lighter ratio of the soybeen oil product a few times b4.  But I don’t know if my main problem is but rot, or newt deficiencies/lockout. My wife will not be happy if I have to start over.   I have spent a good amount on getting the room ready. And a ton of time in there already.  I keep telling her it Will be financially worth it.  Please help.