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Greetings DGC family,

I am a big fan and watch all your new shows. I really enjoy watching cannabis content nowadays. It’s so much more relaxing than watching anything else. So on with it. I was super stoked to grow this Amsterdam Genetics: Chocolate Milkshake Kush Autoflower and Boneyard Seeds: Gift of the Gods.  OK my grow is in a 3×3 tent, 210 watt LED with a 4inch ac infinity inline exhaust fan on max 24/7. I also had 3 small fans in the tent upper, lower, and mid.  Its in a small spare room. When it rains outside the humidity spikes in my house somewhat. I have had to run a dehue at night to battle the high RH. A few times I failed to turn it on.  So I am aware of how and why it happened but am having an issue nailing down if its bud rot or PM or some other weird fungus.  Ok my issue has been a mystery I had harvested a huge main cola 2 feet, and it had the beginning of bud rot on a small bud inside the main cola.  I threw out the plant after deciding its screwed.  Now the next plant I harvested has these hairy stems, the same as the first plant and that same type hair is growing on almost every bud of every plant. Its mixed in with the trichomes and when I split open a bud.  It cannot be seen with the naked eye so I had been smoking it and didn’t know.  It gave me an instant ear ache which caused me to break out the microscope.  I am now weed free for about two days now.  I got some bud from my friend and his bud has the same freaking fungal hair growth stuff!  Please help me identify what  this is please so I can move on with my life.  And know what it is that hurt my plants so I can combat it in the future with some LostPT or this mammothCC. Or if you recommend something else…

Most definitely super grateful,

el BC Dubz