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Please please people, just let me bore you for another moment on prevention. It really really is worth it!  this has been the biggest game changer for me outdoors With the vegetables and the weed. Between birds, rodents, hail, insect, rain, wind, intense desert sun etc.

I have bought it in bulk and I wish I could remember but it is really really affordable. But it is pretty massive role.

You can sew it. You can put it in washing machine. It comes in a very wide roll.

It is also called floating row cover. When it is put over some kind of framing, such as I have with the PVC. It is  taught and will protect against pretty strong hail. It does not allow butterflies and moths to land on cabbage or obviously marijuana. And thus limiting the risk of larva growing inside your buds. Or cabbage heads. You don’t have to have framework though. You can just toss it over something if you want. It offers a slight bit of frost protection. Not much. Just kind of like  A loose woven shawl. Also doubling as light protection for tender young plants when hardening off outside.

When  you have small seedlings it is a good idea to dust with diatomaceous earth to just kind of have a clean slate. I use a lot of compost so I don’t want to bring something in and not be able to fight it. Just a precaution. I’m not great at articulating everything. So look up floating row cover if you want to want to do the least invasive most preventative thing to improve your summer crop.

one plant one season – mendo dope

that is a song that says it all about the summer

Take the time to do it right. You give up your summer to do it. Good be luck to us all  !  No fire no frost no flying fuckers