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Please tell me there is something to stop stretching… this is beyond frustrating at this point. If you have every seen my posts I am sure you will get a good kick out of this one. Alright DGC I really need some help. I flipped these plants on the 19th. They weren’t short but probably a couple feet tall. I had been topping them and was waiting on my clones to show me sex which took ever a month. Since the flip they have probably tripled in size. I don’t understand why I am having soooo much stretch, my plants are usually taller than i like but I have never had anything like this happen.

I have one known plant the others are unknowns but were all from quality bag seed. Only thing I could think is the kelp which I only fed once and sprayed a couple times caused it.  I run 730 nm qb52s which my rspec boards for the EE, could this be causing it? I also have them come on 15 mins before and stay on 15 min after lights on and lights out.

I honestly don’t know what to do. I am gonna have to rig something to get my lights higher. Woke up this morning and they had grown a several more inches and one was touching the light. This was after my once a week Recharge day, I thought they had stopped before that. They are literally growing 5-6 inches a day.  I don’t even know if it is worth going through flower with these. They will probably bee small non dense buds since the plants are so tall. They are in #5 pots in tupur with ghnutes, silica, cal-mag, Recharge, etc.

Is there something I can spray on these to stop stretch. I am so tired of dealing with this. The harder I try to get small plants the larger they get. It is almost a joke on me at this point because I have it happen EVERY TIME no matter how I try and prevent it it seems. Usually over vegging but I didn’t think they were that big this time around. I turned the 730 nm off this morning.