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So, I def don’t consider myself political, but I have an opinion I’d like to voice, hoping ones hear me is all I can afford,  bring a felon, my voting rights have been stripped from me. A remnant from a past life, person I used to be 10yrs ago. Getting my rights back is another issue entirely.  So, I’m a listener of rogan,  and I do my home work,  I would like to gloss over the “universal basic income”. I’ve been thinking about it, and knee jerk reaction is to say it would incentives one to be lazy, to rest on that money and do nothing else, and I agree, some would do that. But some would also develop a trade, educate ones self, be active in raising my sons (4&12), work my land and provide some of my own food, and of course,  not the least, grow my dank. Of course, once the kids are grown, I could inject myself back into corporate America.  Where I stand now is, I work a job that sucks, I border line hate, constantly away from my family, always tired, limited time to develop and teach my sons how to be good people of this earth, and for what, so the company can gloat about this quarterly profit margins. It’s def a complex issue, and there are exceptions to the rule, but time is fleeting,  father time catches up to us all. I doubt that this concept would ever be a reality,  but having my basic needs met, not having to come into this same warehouse,  seeing the same grumpy people,  missing important time with my family. Asking people to wake up, unpack what a politician is selling, they only care for greed and not ones quality of life. Fyi, im not wearing a tin foil hat, I just think it’s a disservice to say people wouldn’t be pragmatic, wouldn’t take a positive advantage, and that we would just rest on our lurals. Time is more important than money, to be a 37 yr old with that perspective,  I consider a blessing…hoping this finds the DGC well and that my point landed close to home! More to life than a concrete jungle,  seeing the same 4 walls everyday,  doing the same thing everyday,  making plastics etc etc.. I work for a 3rd party that supplies Ford with they’re Interiors… these cars won’t even be on the roads in 10yrs…life just wasting away…peace and grower love!!!