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I have been curing as of late in a 4x2x5 tent with an auto humidifier, small fan on the floor, and buds hung from hangers at the very top.  So far today is day 8, and the smallest of small – as usual, stems to not snap at all when bent in half.  I figure I will make it to 9 or 10 days, then jars with humidity meters for 4 weeks.

Question #1 is this, why do we use the snap test for determining moisture levels when 9/10 times, it’s going to come in below an RH of 62?  Then turn around and try and get back up to 62.  Last time I dried it was about 60.  What is and isn’t ideal science wise?  Have they done any studies on this?  I think I may try pulling them down at day 9 and using meters to tell the exact moisture level and go from there, is this a good idea?

Question #2 Is it true that Trichomes mature during drying and curing or just drying?  Also do they know at what rate compared to before chop maturing occurs.  I was thinking probably like 3 days of drying per 1 day extra if the plant was still alive.  I don’t think it would be more than that cause Ive heard of people waiting too late and being very disappointed.

Hope to hear my questions answered.


Fine Tuner