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So full disclosure I suck at cloning and this is my first attempt to build one of these. When I say I suck at cloning I’m talking 25-30% success rates at my best usually I fuck up and loose them all. I wanted an ez cloner but as always everything competes for limited funds. I decided to make my own, I found some general ideas and kinda ran with it and it somehow worked. The best part was I didn’t have to do a damn thing except prep it and go.


1. 5 gallon tote $6 ( Commander xl pictured)

2. 1 3/4” hole saw

3. 300 gph submersible pump $15-20

4. 1/2” pvc, fittings, glue and primer $10-15

5. 90*, 180* and 360* mister heads $10

6. Drill bit slightly smaller than the mister tap (I used 6-33 taping drill bit)

7. Clone collars $12/50

Step 1.

Use hole saw to cut out locations for collars in the lid.

Step 2

Set pump in the center of the tote. Measure, cut and dry fit your pieces to fit tightly against the tote. When happy with the dry fit mark all joints, primer and glue together.

Step 3.

Select and mark mister locations. Drill out the holes I used a 6-32 drill and taping bit. Don’t be dumb and drill all the way through otherwise you gotta put another mister on the bottom not doing shit except losing pressure( guess how I learned that). Choose your desired spray pattern mister and push down and turn clockwise until snug. Remember it’s Chinese plastic so you don’t need to crank it down. Pro tip: run a lot of water through the pipes to flush out any shavings that could clog your misters and slow growth in those areas before installing.

Step 4.
Install cloning collars making sure to pull the power cord through the hole and wrap with a collar to make everything water tight. Fill with water, you possibly could get by with 1 gallon of water but I used 2 to be safe. Test system, sterilize and your off.

Like I said I have a crappy cloning record, my  first run of 12 clones I had a 100% success. I followed the sterilization guides on the permaclone blog and used clonex solution. Follow the recommended change out cycle. I made mistakes with mine 200 gph is to small, maybe to many misters, clogged misters, didn’t change out my solution and somehow I Forrest Gumped my way to success. Maybe someone can get help or spark their own idea from this. It was no fuss no mind no dome no spraying no leaks no bullshit 14 site cloner or less it’s up to you.

Happy Growing