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Hey DGC, Dude, Scotty and Guru.

Hey guys not so much a grow question but more of a random cannabis question, many times over herd the term “pop seeds, not pills”. I 100 percent am behind the use of cannabis for pain and many many other things, I use it for sleep, nightmares, PTSD, and just because I love it. Now, my wife almost lost her life in a motorcycle accident and 2 years later chronic pain is very much an issue, at what point does cannabis get trumped by western medicine, is there honestly a way for cannabis to for instance replace the use of hydro morph or oxy? Because 2 years later I’ve seen her screaming in pain trying not to take more of these things, I and my wife would love nothing more than to not have to take these but can cannabis really honestly replace some of these. Please don’t blast me in comments, I am a believer in the use of cannabis for medical use and I myself have been a smaller for almost 20 years. Just a stoned question I guess and felt the best place to go for any form of an appropriate answer was the DGC.

Thanks guys, great show, great community.