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Greetings Dude, Scotty, Guru, and the DOC.

Really love the show and all the knowledge  that’s shared. Been listening to the podcast for awhile and  lately, appreciate that no-till organic is getting more consideration by the Dude.

Wanted to share a few techniques I use in my current system. It’s evolved over the last couple years, and started out with Roots Original Soil and their Roots 5ml Master Pack. Was an easy system to follow, organic, and brought great results.

After a few runs of Roots, I needed to resupply the bottles, and decided to switched to the Earth Juice line.

That worked well too. No complaints.

All along, Recharge was an important part of my nute program. Love it.

Then came across LOS and specifically, Coots soil recipe i found on the forums and Build a Soils site.

That worked REALLY well. While making the soil and learning about this great way to grow, I’ve learned the “how and why” that makes this style works.  In research, I’ve come across Elaine Ingram’s videos, Microbemans site, Build a Soils site has great info, and there are many others. Scotty, you just discovered Tad Hussey’s great site.

Currently running no-till Hi-brix LOS soil in 7 gal smart pots on a “swick” bed. Going to move up to a 20gal smart pot next run.

So, here are a couple tools that help me “no-till”. The idea is not to disturb the life that is happening in the soil. Everyone understands the importance of not stressing or slowing down the plant throughout its development, well I thought it was equally important to carry that same concept into the soil life. That’s where it all begins.

I made these to germinate seeds in. Got the idea from a gal in Hawaii that used to be on one of the forums.

Red solo cup with the bottom cut out and a round plastic mesh on the bottom. This sets in another trimmed up cup that raises the whole deal up and allows much air to the seedlings roots.

Dust a little inoculant in the hole, drop the bean, water in and wait.

When the seedlings are ready to up pot, they go straight into a 1gal smart pot and veg for a couple weeks as I top and train for the final move to flower. During that couple/few weeks I concentrate to the roots. Get them to fill the gal smart pot before going into the final pot. . I use the tool pictured to pull a plug out of the soil that is just the perfect size to drop the rooted plug from the solo cup in.

My 1 gals are growing a nice cover crop while the seedling is getting started.

Build a soil has a nice cover crop blend that works good.  It is one of the most important pieces of the no-till/organic puzzle, cover crop. Or at least some kind of mulch.

Of course I sprinkle microbes in the hole first and water in with recharge, and away she goes.

There’s more to come, next maybe a little about root development, the “swick” system I use and why.

Thanks again Dude and Scotty, Guru and all the others behind the scenes that bring the Dude Grows show.