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Hey dudes,

I love the show and we listen at the shop everyday. I run a small 5,000 sqft of Canopy greenhouse facility in Northern Ca and I’ve been growing on a commercial scale running at least 20 lights for 30 or more years. It’s kind of a blur. But I’m not a newbie by any means. But my question is after all these years I still get 75% germ rate at best and on avg 50%. Last pack I just popped of 10 fems of East cake from cannarado I got 3 that popped! At $120 and up to $500 a pack for some packs 75% is not ok. I’m using the same tried and true method of damp paper towels and put them in a zip lock and put them in between plates to provide darkness and put the plates on the cable box to keep them a little warm. The heating mats that I put under the cloning trays with domes is to hot. I also soak them before they go into the paper towels for 24 hrs.  Since I started growing herb things in our industry as far as tech and lighting have came so far but nothing on seed sprouting tech.  I hear people say they just stick seeds under a little bit of dirt or in a rooting plug and they will sprout and I would say I have probably tried that with over 1000 seeds over the years and never not once has a seed germed. I get volunteers all over the farm but never if we are trying. My cloning success rate is 100%. I am just perplexed on why after all these years I am still having issues with germination! I’m a frickin pro! I even do breeding in-house. I’m lucky most of the time I can sprout 200 seeds at a time of my own gear but when I’m paying for packs it hurts to get only a few viable phenos and then out of this you might find one keeper.  I could have built a mansion with what I’ve down on seeds over the years and that’s bullshit!!