Hey DGC,

So I have an A/C hack that I’m pretty proud of. So I bought a single hose A/C unit and couldn’t figure out where to put the end of the hose. Being in a basement and no windows I began to think I may have jumped the gun buying this…

Well I began to ponder how I could get the how air out and not heat the rest of my house while trying to cool my room. Looking around my room I saw in the rafters a 4” pvc pipe that was coming from the dryer on the first floor and exited the dryer’s hot air outside. I thought this could work.

Luckily there was a directional Y fitting I could tap into. I turned the unit on and I was off the the races…not! The air was exiting the house but even with the directional Y the hot weed smelling air was backing up through the dryer and made the laundry room smell like hot funk.

So I looked an Amazon and found a 4” one way air flow fitting that allows air to flow one way but not the other. So I cut the pipe put the fitting in and boom no more weed smell coming back into the laundry room… but later that day I noticed my room smelling like humid laundry soap and realized the dryer was on and the dryers discharge air was coming back down my hose and into my room. So I had to order another fitting and insert it into the directional Y. Now A/C air can’t go out the dryer and the dryer air can’t go back in my room. Now I get to have a constant flow of stinky weed smell being pumped out near my back door. With no neighbors and that door being the least used in the house Im not too worried about the smell. I feel like I did good with this set up. Hopefully this hack can help someone here if they have a similar set up. Thanks for checking it out y’all. Peace.