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Hey guys, big fan of the show. Listened to hours of you guys at work. I started growing with my buddy whose grown a couple times. We have three Northern lights feminized autos seeds. Two are growing in 7 gal generic fabric grow buckets with an about 70/30 blend of mother earth coco with perlite mixed with fox farms ocean forest. It’s his first time growing with either medium. One plant is in a 5 gal radical bag with just fox farm ocean forest. We added recharge to them when they were planted in the pot 2 weeks ago. Watered twice now with 6.5 pH adjusted water and fed with cal-mag twice. The temperature stays around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity stays  at 60 to 55. We built the 2×4 grow box to get by until he can get a 4×4 grow tent. There is no incline fan. We’re using Marshydro 600w and 1000w lights. The plants are doing great for being just 2 weeks old. We can really tell the difference the recharge makes.  We do see what looks like a deformity on the plant on the right. The leaves are growing in pairs not trios. We’re still new to growing and have much to learn. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.