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What’s up DGC?! Hope we are all staying safe and healthy. I was listening to the Cannabis Cultivation and Science podcast with Tad Hussey from KiS organics episode 14. It’s an episode about Black Owl biochar. At some point the lady speaking talks about a study that a university did with the biochar where they watered plants with a briney solution to see what would happen. The plants with the biochar went to full maturity where as the ones in regular soil died. I’ve heard Dude talking about moving away from his softened water due to the salt in the water and I thought maybe the biochar could be a way to keep using the same water and let the bichar do it’s magic. This post is long so I’ll let you guys listen or figure out how or why this works. Hope this is helpful for my friends who don’t want to buy an RO system lol!