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Hey fellow DGC Dangsters,

Thought I would provide an update after my spider mite infestation back in early May.

After throwing out over a half pound harvest, I started cleaning the tent and treating my soil. After essentially fumigating the tent daily with Safers 3in1, I started to rebuild my 75 gal no till. I reintroduced both NEOSEIULUS CUCUMERIS and PHYTOSEIULUS PERSIMILIS, buried some Bokashi compost for my red wigglers to break down and then top dressed with various Gaia Green products.

A couple weeks later I then planted these ladies, 4 Dr. Seedsman CBD and they couldn’t be happier. They’ve grown never 2 feet in the first 13 days of flower and are green and lush.

Thank you so much DGC for all the guidance and I am so happy that I didn’t end up throwing out my soil that I have spent so much time and money on over the past year.

Definitely DGC for life and hope to attend a DGC Cup someday when shit gets back to normal.

Thanks again,

Justin aka East Coast Chronic