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Hey, was watching and heard you guys discuss having risers underneath your fabric pots/ Radicle Bags so they’re able to air prune underneath. I noticed this on my first grow. The bottoms of my 5’s were always days and after harvest the bottom few cm’s were brown, moist and dead. I think I am lucky to have avoided a root rot situation. I brainstormed something to elevate my pots, allow me to water through them into a drip tray and also allow air to circulate underneath the pots freely. All you do is modify a few milk crates with a grinder or cutting tool of some kind. I’ve left most standing about 4″ tall (just enough to slide a tray underneath) and I’ve left a few a bit longer to use as plant boosters. I also use the cut out sides too boost some of my shorter plants as well. Hope this helps as a good grow hack! First pic is of the modified milk crates and the second pic is of what I currently have in the tent. I’ve got 6 but only 3 are pictured. As well you can fit 9 of these crates in a 4×4 if you want. Cheers!