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Hey, so I have a little 8×8 indoor garden going on that I started in early June from seed. I planned on keeping 12 going inside but popped 16 seeds (just Incase I had a mishap or runt/mutant of some kind). Turns out all 16 popped and grew like champs, so I had to make the hard decision of which 4 to cull. Than I realized… Wait, it’s early July, these plants are sick and I can legally grow 4 plants outside in bc Canada. After deciding that id just toss them outside and see what happens I started to worry about the light change. The indoor garden lights go from 12pm-6am because it will be easier to manage heat from 6pm-6am I’m flowering. Obviously this will not be their lighting situation now that the 4 are outside. They seem to be growing nice, strong and healthy thus far but what should I expect come flowering/harvest time?  My next question is a bit simpler. The way I’m running them inside,10 gallon pots work perfect, never done outdoor though. Will plants that are this size close to mid August be okay in 10 gallon pots?  Growing Black Indica and Super OG in promix HP using the full Canna Coco line up for nutrients plus “Raw’s Microbes/beneficial bacteria” (unfortunately no recharge up here in Canada). Thanks.