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Hey what’s up Dude, Scotty, Guru and the Crew.

Now that my last grow is curing away and my tent is all cleaned I’m gearing up for a new grow. To date, I’ve only ever grown in my 4×4 tent with a 600W MH/HPS and usually 4 or 5 plants in what I think were 5 gallon pots, but I am in Canada so they could be some crazy litre measurements lol. They’re 12″ diameter x 11″ in height if you guys can figure it out. Also, I grow in Canna Coco.

Anyway, I have a second grow tent on the way and will be moving the 600W MH/HPS to that. Its 1m x 1m (3’3″ x 3’3″). Then I’ll be picking up a dual 315W CMH from Sun Spectra over the coming few weeks for my 4×4. I can get fabric pots for the same price for 5 gallon, 7 gallon or 10 gallon. I had intially planned on using 5 or 7s but due to their size and price, (see the attached image. Bottom left is 5, bottom middle is 7 and bottom right is the 10) I’m thinking of going all in on the 10s. I could fit 6 of those 10 gallons in the 1m x 1m and 9 I’m my 4 x 4. I’m running SCROG in the 1mx1m and then going to experiment with mainlining in the 4×4 with 4 main tops. Maybe 3 ft plants? Will this get overcrowded?

To date, I’ve only done seeds. Always around a 2 month veg time, maybe even 10 weeks sometimes. I’ve not been able to surpass a pound on my 600W. I would like to be able to still pull a pound but in my smaller 1mx1m tent off the 600W HPS. Is this achievable? Are 10 gallon pots overkill?

I now have access to clones but will still pop a few seeds. Will the roots fill these 10 gallons out in a reasonable time? Right now, I pull some pretty good quality but haven’t beaten 0.7g/w. I really want increased yields but shorter veg time would still be good because I can probably get an extra one harvest per year with the reduced time. What kind of veg times do you think I would need for these 10 gallons? Vs a 7 gallon?

Sorry for the ramble, just trying to get my head around my new spaces and how to run it the most efficiently. After this next crop I’m going to add a mother tent too so then will have a nice full setup.

Oh by the way, does Guru have a YouTube or Instagram account for his grow? Where do we see Scotty’s grow too? Dude, that Harlequin is AWESOME! Similar colours to my Pennywise I just harvested.

Thanks guys!

Grow big and toke hard, it’s 4:20 somewhere 😉