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What is up Scotty, Dude and Guru… Love the DGC and my $10 membership has paid for itself many times over! I’ve been doing this for about a year now. I grow one plant per light in a 12×14 room I’ve converted into what I call “the lab” Indoors I generally run DWC. I started with 3 and 5 gallon buckets and quickly realized they were never going to work for my style of growing. A 17 gallon tote makes for a much nicer DWC unit and holds tons more water than the 5, 8 or 13 gallon units most often used in DWC. The oxygen levels are higher in the water due to the decreases depth as opposed to a tall 5 or 13 gallon DWC bucket and nutrient changes become simple and quick with a hole cut into one end of the bin lid to stick a shop vac in and drain the existing nutrients. I use 10 gallons per nutrient change @ 800-1000 ppm’s when the plants reach this massive size. Instead of maintaining multiple plants and crawling through a canopy, spend your time on one massive plant. I use one 600 watt hps per plant and will harvest close to a pound in each 3×3 scrog. Scrogging does make getting into the canopy difficult but you can’t get considerable weight without a net… or three.