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Hey just had a couple questions regarding optic foliar (Elium) and powdery mildew. My first question is, will Optic Foliar Elium get rid of powdery mildew(assuming I have correctly diagnosed the issue properly)? Secondly will it have any impact on my organic grow?. I am growing in a living soil mix sourced locally by a company  here in Brantford, Ontario. I mainly only use fish fertilizer and Recharge once every 7-10 days as for feeding, Dr. bronners organic soap mixed with neem for pests in a foliar twice a week in the evening. Could the white “spores” I am seeing be a residue of my pest foliar?. Sorry for the rant just wanted to give you as much info as possible; On a side note this is my first grow so my knowledge is fairly limited.. I just watch YouTube podcasts and talk to my buddy. Thanks for all you guys do. Your show has helped me along a lot so far!