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Greetings and salutations DGC from the buckeye state, the home of the infamous Ohio tenth, where we are forced to buy our medicine at dispensaries at 2.83g for about $40, 5.66g for about $90 or maybe even 28.3g of tier 2 flower(above 23% thc, its good but NOT A++,10/10, lip smacking ooey gooey stanky danky, one might say “quads”)for $490 or step down to tier 1(below 23% thc, usually 12-18%) starting your day morning smoke or maybe house cleaning herb for $320/oz all dependent on thc% of course. Whichever you choose you might be stricken with bud that crumbles to dust, or has little to no aroma, or bland taste, or even the trifecta of all three. So as I’m sure you can understand one might prefer to get their medicine from a more personal source.

I got a few grows under my belt, but with the knowledge I scraped up before learning of the DGC I would wet trim and dry in 30% rh for about 4 days and lets just say “hay” 😢. I wanna do better and my empty, little rough but still usable root cellar is looking perfect as it is sitting pretty at 60 degrees and 50% rh. I’m planning on hanging the plants whole in a tent with an ac infinity fan/ filter combo set to 60%rh and a small osci fan on the floor. Which brings me to my question.

With the majority of the airflow being under the plants and the rh being set to 60% wouldn’t this create an ideal environment for powdery mildew in the area the buds are hanging or some other kind of issue? Or is the small airflow under the plants enough to prevent this? Just wanting to taste and smell my own funk 😋. Also while I’m here just wondering if waiting till the stems snap is an ideal time or if I’m messing that up too. Thanks. Much Love to the DGC.