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Greetings like minded humans!

I thought I would give an update to my grow and see what everyone thinks so far. I’m at the end of week 8 from sprout on 4 strains of autos. Advanced Seeds Strawberry Gum, Bomb Seeds Cherry Bomb, Dinafem Seeds Cookies, Kera Seeds Bubblegum. I’m running a 70/30 coco/perlite mix in 3 gallon fabric pots. Watering is automated with a timer and pond pump. It waters twice a day with 35% runoff. Running Jacks 321 in RO at 520ppm and 5.8ph. Recharge once a week. Lighting is 4 x 240w quantum boards, 3500k 301’s and 660nm reds. Area is 7′ x 3′ and 540w at the wall for about 26w per square foot. The environment is running 82-84 degrees daytime and 75 degrees at night. Following VPD and currently have humidity at 55%.

Although it’s difficult to keep 4 strains happy when they are all fed the same mix, quantity, and timing,  most of them are very happy looking. The Strawberry Gum has some fading and spots on the leaves closest to the lights. The Cherry Bomb and Bubblegum plants have the naturally darker leaves. I have this one cookies plant that waited the longest to flower. I have already started lowering the ppm from 620 to 520. I should be finishing up in about 2 more weeks. I plan to lower to 400 then 300 for the last week. Does that sound right? Not my first grow, but am always looking to make improvements to the quality of my game. Thanks for listening. 🙂