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Hey DGC and DGC Crew!!! It’s finally almost two weeks away until my very first attempt at drying and curing cannabis. This is Day 50 of flower (Relentless Genetics Tropical Sorbet Sunset Sherbet x ROG) and I love what i’m seeing so far. From my last post to now I lost one plant due to it having both female and male traits. It was the runt of all four so maybe that was the cause of the herm but other than that I don’t know why it turned on me. Also my canopy isn’t as uniform as I would like it to be but for my first time it looks decent. The next grow will be dedicated to the DGC crew once I bring in my SK400 series into my grow tent. I love all critiques on how I can do this better. Keep up the good work with the podcast I tell all the grow stores that I go into about the Recharge!!