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Here is a neat little hack I came up with recently I have been having luck with. I had to cut back some massive plants a few weeks back and I hated to not at least use one of those perfect tops with their fast growing apical meristems (I throw this word into way more conversations with normies than I should always applying it to their houseplants. I love that word)  Anyhoo.

These plants were already topped so I had healthy tops growing fast with multiple apical meristems. I just chose a nice one and took my cut. I didn’t know if it would take but it never wilted so all seems well.  I didn’t even use a dome or heat mat I just tossed it in some coco and water it with a heavy amount of Recharge like a half teaspoon in a half water bottle shaken for 2 mins for extra bubbles. Seems to be loving life.

This little hack will allow you to have a head start in training your plant the way you want.  Who doesn’t want more tops right? I know I want more tops! How many tops is to many? I have yet to find out. We shall see.

If anyone else has tried this please drop a comment below.