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Hey DGC,

I feel its often overlooked or not mentioned enough but preparation and organization I feel come right after genetics and light for most important aspects of growing quality medicine. Last year I put in an order in May for clones for some great cuts of Sundae Driver and a few other strains. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the clones till mid July for reasons I won’t go into. Anyways while I was waiting for my clones I should have been getting everything at least set up and ready but I was lazy and didn’t.  This  year I went from seeds that I started in my tent the end of April and moved outside and some into my small greenhouse once the weather got better. What a difference this year already. I love going out and seeing my girls all looking so good. You feel a certain bit if pride when everything’s dialed in. Plus the years I’ve been prepared early the rest of my grow always seems to have less problems during flowering. I included a collage of this year (top 2) vs last year (bottom 2) I had everything available to me last year to at least be set up when my clones arrived but I got lazy. This year I wasn’t letting that happen. Happy growing everyone and thanks to the DGC for a lot of tips and tricks over the last year.