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I am begging of you people, begging to just listen for one second about this foot washing.  As you can see by the first picture how much debris gets picked up in our shoes. A lot of times we must enter an area often. Maybe it is on the way to your garden? Maybe you stepped in something gross. Why not simply clean the bottom of your shoe every time you enter? What if it took a fraction of the time of removing your shoes. The general reduction crap on your shoe seems like a good idea. I am loving this. Like Scotty I found one spider mite situation at the end of a cycle recently. I know how it got in there. The leaf litter in the fall blows around and eventually gets dragged in the shop. Well no Mas people. I have now made multiple of these due to demand. Of myself lol but if you walk from gardens to gardens landscapes to tool areas as I do. I want a realistic way that I will actually accomplish any sort of consistent Prevention. Cat litter box, PVC cut two with. Fill pan a few inches of water and dish soap or enzymatic cleaner preferably. Put your foot on it and roll it back-and-forth. It gets the tread and up the sides as deep or shallow as you want to be washed. I am showing with these flip-flops that are fabric to show that I am still high and dry. Is it rubber getting washed. Is it 100%? No. Is it so easy to do 100% of the time? A fuck of a lot easier than dealing with infections.