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This is my second hydrobucket grow and i am loving it so far. This is my first grow of the Primal Punch (all clones from a reg that was sex tested). I accidentally included a male Strawberry Starburst dad that threw balls at 10 days after flip and i had to throw in a replacement clone from soil in a bag to take the space. So the one on the crate is 10 days behind and in highly amended coco.

My initial bucket grow blew away everything i had grown previously by 25-50% higher yield. This one is headed for the 50-75% mark.  The coco/soil plant is 11 days behind on the calendar but is way further behind in development (but it is still great) compared to the buckets.

I had one of the same clones planted in my coco/soil tent along with 3 other strains to mix it up. (I usually monocrop each tent because it makes it so much easier do it the same for all 4 plants for water/nuts/cycle etc). That one has less than 1/2 the bud size the bucket plants do.

The hydrobuckets get florabloom/floragrow powdered nuts, along with the usual suspects. I have been using the bokashi humate liquid fert at 3ml per gallon every 3 weeks tapering it between the 3 blends  for the plant cycle. It make the plants the richest green i have ever seen.