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Dude, Scotty and Guru,

I’m a new listener from Niagara County New York. When New York ended prohibition last month I decided I should update my knowledge since I have been unable to grow for the past 10 years. I stumbled upon your show and have been binge listening for the past month. You guys fucking rule!

In my warehouse I was using sealed in-line HID hoods connected together with flex duct. I would draw the air up from the giant empty 2nd floor, through the lights, and the hot air was then sent back down to the 2nd floor. I could remove most of the heat this way and the heat removal system was airtight, allowing me to maintain a steady CO2 level of 1200+ ppm at all times. I know a good LED light will create about 40% less heat than a 1000w h.i.d. but I haven’t seen any LEDs with a sealed in-line design. Does this exist? And if so who makes it? Heat is my enemy and I want to remove as much as possible.

I have always used Advanced Nutrients brand for the simple reason that during prohibition it’s difficult to maintain secrecy and I didn’t want the hydro store employees knowing anything about me. That’s what they were selling so that’s what I was buying. I didn’t dislike Advanced but you guys don’t exactly give them a glowing review. I liked the fact that the liquids dissolved nicely and didn’t clog my sprayers. But the beneficials were insanely expensive. A little jar of Piranha or Tarantula was like over $100!! I’m pretty familiar with their products so I don’t want to fuck with something that has worked well in the past. But I want to know if I can use the Recharge for my beneficials in conjunction with basic Advanced Nutrients feeding program. And what else is in Recharge other than beneficials?

I used a systemic pesticide (Ortho Max) in the past. I would spray babies 1 week into veg and they would remain protected throughout their life cycle without (hopefully) contaminating the finished product. New York will be testing for pesticides and I want to use something that will be effective without causing any danger to my customers. Is pyrethrin a good option? If not, what would you suggest?

In 2005 I started my first grow closet. I’ll spare you all the gory details, but within a year I had converted the downstairs apartment into an impressive home grow. I lived upstairs and worked downstairs. Once all 4 bedrooms were up and running as bud rooms (and a solid 2 year learning curve where I made pretty much every mistake possible) I was harvesting close to 2 lbs every two weeks on a rotating schedule. I wanted to expand to a larger space. I purchased an 18,000 sq ft. warehouse near downtown Buffalo. It was 3 stories, with an auto shop on the first floor. The 2nd floor was a wide open 6000 sq ft empty space.  The 3rd floor was an apartment, man cave, pool room, and a 2500 sq ft grow area. I was using homemade hydroponic machines that were basically 6 inch PVC, Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) machines with built-in sprayers inside the tubes. The sprayers gave it an NFT/Aeroponic hybrid feel. But it wasn’t really Aeroponic. The sprayers just eliminated the need for airstones (which I hate). I was running 21 HPS lights at 1000 watts each. 7 hydro machines with 3 lights over each. Harvesting one machine every week on a rotating basis I was routinely yielding 5-6 lbs per week. Unfortunately my partner’s marriage was falling apart and his wife was an evil vindictive person.  She started blackmailing me and threatening to turn me in to the DEA. I could see the writing on the wall. I cycled through the rest of my plants, threw away all my veg room, and cleaned the entire building so there wasn’t a single leaf remaining. Then I told her she could go fuck herself. That must have pissed her off because 2 days later the DEA raided my warehouse. They were expecting to find the mother lode of the evil weed but walked away with exactly zero grams of pot. Then these fucking douchebags smashed all my grow equipment and charged me with conspiracy to cultivate marijuana. So I served one year for planning to grow a plant. Fuck Me!!! I haven’t been able to grow anything since then.  Now New York is going legal and they are giving licenses and grants to social equity applicants who have been adversely affected by draconian marijuana laws. That’s me buddy, and we are all in.

Sorry for such a long message. I’m fucking obsessed with this project and I’m determined to make it a reality. I was never happier than when I was  a career grower and I look forward to getting back into the biz, and this time legit. I look forward to inviting The Dude, Scotty, and Guru to the first annual Northern Lights of Niagara Harvest and Music Festival. Now I just have to get a license, build a facility, and start slinging some fucking weed! Thanks for all your help! Party on brothers!