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Hey DGC, CPuffy here! I just wanted to make a public service announcement of sorts. Recently my wife picked up a few cubes of Pro-Mix Potting Mix from Walmart because she thought they were a steal! And they were but they also aren’t a high performance blend, and are about 80% peat as opposed to the HP which is more like 70% coco which is what I usually use the HP CC or the BX. Well I noticed the consistency difference so I put some more perlite in there and ran it!

I very quickly noticed my new seedlings telling me too much water!! So I backed wayyy off and they still just would not get happy until I transplanted them into the HPCC and gave them a Superthive and Recharge hit. So just so everyone knows, I would strongly suggest to stay away from that type of Pro-Mix!! I’ll post up some pics of the bag and what the plants looked like all pissed off so everyone knows what to look for!