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Check this out!!! I know it goes against conventional wisdom,  but I topped an auto! Tbh, to the greenhorn eye, she didn’t nor doesn’t seem to have missed a beat, only topped 1 of 5, the other 4 I didn’t bother none…guess time will tell when harvest comes around…well see if the difference is negligible!! Just wanted to share, hopefully she grows into a 2 headed monster. And yes, I noticed the deficiency in the leaves…I used dr. Earth dry amendments,  only 2nd run with autos…living and learning, compensation with brewed teas and roots organics dry nutrients…just trying to make it to the finish line. 3 gal fab pots, pH 6-6.2, coco/peat mix,  52fastbuds bluedreamatic….the farther along, the more I smell blueberries!!! Keep on trudging DGC!!