DGC Shout Out 100


By special request, we’ve created a simple way for our friends to get their message out to our crew, as much or as little as they need.
     Introducing: The $100 On Air Shout Out-  Get your message (35 words or less) read on the show
                       *DISCLAIMER: If it sucks, I ain’t reading it!
Please include your DGC name (or let us know if you wish to remain anonymous) and your shout out message!
  • The Dude Grows Show is talking Cannabis Culture, deep from the growers perspective
  • Fresh shows drop 7 days a week, each morning @4:20AM
  • Delivered to 25,000+ YouTube & Podcast Subscribers Daily!

Our community is hungry for real gear & real information! Let our community of growers know what’s new and what they should be excited about:

  • Perfect for building online buzz for New Releases/ Sales or Appearances
  • Build your brand by letting our community of growers (aka The DGC), know you support us!
  • Effective and inexpensive promotional tool to get thousands of Growers to pay attention to your gear

*Also works as an excellent tool for showing your appreciation, love or respect to anyone who deserves it, in a very public space.  

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