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The Friends List is a place for The DGC to find our Pro Friends, who we know and trust to have the real gear and the DGC’s back!

  • After doing this show for 5+ years, we have made a lot of friends. So many it’s hard to keep current on what everyone’s up to
  • Becoming a Friend of The DGC is a great way to keep your business top of mind as we create each Dude Grows Show.
  • We always show love to a few of our friends on every show.
  • Of course, our friend’s always get top shelf treatment!

Support Us and We Support You Back!

The Dude Grows Show has morphed into the sounding board for our large and loyal community of tens of thousands of growers known as The DGC.

With 25K+ YouTube Subscribers and over 10 million monthly YouTube minutes watched (pretty good considering were a podcast!), the DGC has become a strong force in the online cannabis grower community.

Join The Crew and Become a Friend of The DGC

Start showing the crew what you do and what makes you special!

We give you all the tools you need:

  • Your own company page on
  • Show off your flagship products & current inventory
  • Offer DGC only coupon codes and track your ROI
  • Become a welcome member of a 30,000+ Strong community of GROWERS & HARD CORE Cannabis enthusiasts!

Get mentions on The Dude Grows Show (when appropriate) as Dude & Scotty always look to the Friends List first

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