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Become a Friend of The DGC and proudly show your support of the Dude Grows Show   

  • Over the past 5 years The Dude Grows Show has grown into the #1 Cannabis podcast/ YouTube show in its category!
  • With over 10 million monthly listening minutes and 2 million monthly page views, we’re proud to be one of YouTube’s top cannabis influencers.
  • We didn’t and couldn’t do this alone. We did it with the help of our large and loyal community, respectfully known around the world as the DGC
  • The heart of our crew are the thousands of private DGC supporters (mostly growers and cannabis enthusiasts from around the world)
  • These cannabis enthusiasts are constantly growing our influence organically, via obsessive online posting and commenting

So by request, we have created a way for our professional friends to support the DGC and join in growing our community! 

Become a Friend of The DGC

  • Friends of the DGC are public supporters of our community and get the public recognition that comes with:
    • All Friends of the DGC are listed on the page
    • Friends of The DGC get their own /yourcompany page on
      • Use this space to tell the community about your company and the people behind it
        • Share your social media accounts and get the DGC as followers
        • Offer coupon codes exclusive to the DGC and easily track ROI
        • Drive traffic back to the best information on your own website
    • All Friends of the DGC are publicly recognized with periodic on air & social media shout outs

Works as an excellent tool for showing you’re a supporter of our Cannabis Community in a very public space

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