MTNSide Glass DGC Member One Hitter

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DGC Member Bat/One Hitter. These things are tough! Hand Made In Colorado.

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16 reviews for MTNSide Glass DGC Member One Hitter

  1. Max Power

    Max Power

    Smoked a plethora of stains through one of these at the cup. No idea where that battie ended up. Thanks for putting these great pipes up in the vault.

  2. Heathcliff


    Got one, kicks ass..

  3. Heathcliff



  4. Lord Blueberry

    Lord Blueberry

    Wife loves it so I have to order more.! Excellent !!

  5. dementedrob


    If you break this pipe, switch back to those old school metal ones. This thing will probably be with me for a decade or more.

  6. Avatar


    I would say get one of these. I did and since it was essentially free, I chucked it across my dining room, hit the fridge and bounced off the linoleum floor. Didn’t even chip. It’s good for about 4 decent sized hits and it allows you to represent this awesome podcast/community. Dgc represent!

  7. MangledRemainz


    Ordered 2 for when we go fishing. This pipe is built like a tank as other reviews have verified. I’m not worried about these breaking any time soon. Don’t think about ordering, just do it!

  8. TonySalter


    Looks perfect to tuck away in your pocket.



    Next best thing to bein there….But being there was better!

  10. Dangr58


    Couldn’t be there live, so this is the next best thing for a guy in a prohibition state with a boss that burns. Ordered 2, one for me, just test drove, couldn’t be happier. Going to take the other and give to my boss for Father’s Day. The perfect gift. Sooo nice compared to the cheap shit the liquor stores sell.

  11. Promixgrower


    Will this be coming around again? I’d like to get one.

  12. Avatar


    I second Promixgrower’s comments… I’d love to get myself a MtnSide/DGC one hitter!! Will any of these be coming back in stock?

  13. Avatar

    Nowhere Man

    Love mine, lent it to a friend and she uses it all the time now. I just bought her a sweet glass bowl so i can get it back! DGC rules, peace!

  14. Kemo420


    Perfect work piece!

  15. Xone43


    Just got mine in the mail.. Nice and thick glass and it smokes great and I’m happy to support the DGC crew!

  16. Enyakush88


    Very nice hat off to matt
    I had to order another one once I got it . Would like to see more I could use a dgc spoon

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