Optic Foliar Overgrow 1L RTU (DGC MEMBERS ONLY) SOLD OUT!

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Optic Foliar OVERGROW 0.8-0.16-3.2 1L

Optic Foliar OVERGROW is the only product on the market that is a dynamic, multi-purpose, ready-to-use spray that combines performance and growth with overall plant health.

OVERGROW will also correct deficiencies and provide increased performance! Match that with the ability to spray in full sunlight, with no burning or the need to spray the undersides of leaves, and you have the only all-in-one spray with no negative side effects from leaf burn to residuals.

OVERGROW will prevent and combat all problems attacking plant leaves ensuring you always get a healthy harvest.

Once OVERGROW is sprayed onto the plant, within minutes the formula gets directly into the mesophyll layer of the leaf, it increases light absorption/photosynthesis rapidly, triggering an immediate increase in nutrient uptake from the root zone.

OVERGROW then provides a full spectrum of NPK, micro nutrients as well as a full complement of vitamins, sugars, amino acids and B1 to further increase growth and supplement the increase in photosynthesis.

OVERGROW is the only foliar spray on the market to work synergistically with your plants to increase light intake, nutrient uptake while also directly feeding the plant and preventing mold and bugs — all with the lights on — no damage or burning — and you only need to spray the tops of the leaves — OVERGROW… spray it, see it be-leaf it!

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Optic Foliar Overgrow 1L RTU (DGC MEMBERS ONLY) SOLD OUT!

  1. FlexedDabs


    $420 for 1L?
    This is a great product but you can literally get this are Walmart for under $30… I’m trying to buy this so I hope you fix the price. Rating is for the product and not the price.

  2. co2_420


    $420? Cant be right……. Great product over all

  3. Avatar


    To everyone confused about the price, this product is free for DGC members. Check your GDC newsletter for the appropriate promo code.

  4. JustCoolin


    Just wanted to give big shout out to the Dude and Denish for making this sweet perk happen. I love the stuff. Overgrow!

  5. BroHoGrow


    Over Grow… is flip’n amazing!!! Seriously, using this stuff is like supercharging your grow. The growth increase is mind blowing! A group of us where raving about what we’ve seen, while at the local growshop. Just from hearing us rave… I think 6 new customers bought it!

  6. Enyakush88


    Thanks crew this was some cool stuff love being a member and being turned on to great products

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