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Join the DGC Pros & Start Getting Noticed:

Our community is hungry for real gear & real information! 

  • We’ll produce a 5 minute video introducing your brand to our community (all you have to do is answer the phone)
  • We’ll share that video on our popular growers channels including:
    • www.dudegrows.com/pros (directory used on the show for recommendations)
    • YouTube.com/thedudegrows (27,000 active subscribers)
  • You just keep on participating in the conversation while converting our crew into your customers
  • The longer you support the crew, the more views, comments and SEO value your videos accumulate.
  • Each Year we’ll make you another video, the longer you support the DGC, the more support you get back
  • Each Month, Each of our DGC Pros are Shouted Out on the main Dude Grows Show.

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