ReCharge Stick Pack Makes 5 Gallons Solution (3Pack)

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Each pack makes 5 gallons solution for a total of 15 gallons ReCharge!

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for ReCharge Stick Pack Makes 5 Gallons Solution (3Pack)

  1. Lonestar_Cannabis


    Love this stuff it’s the best!

  2. noobgrows


    Recharge it up y’all! My ladies love this goodness and so will yours.

  3. joeypottz


    Just picked mine up this morning! I cant wait to give it a shot!

    Also, it did actually charge me for shipping. It was only $1 so it wasn’t a big deal by any means, but the product link says free shipping and I figured I’d let you guys know!


  4. BlkMacGyva


    That’s amazing you say that the shipping was funny I went to the other website it did the same thing not good guys. Still a5

  5. Enyakush88


    Great stuff I was blown away by this product everything a plant needs. Definitely will stay a dgc monthly producer. Love the listener supported podcast/YouTube and the deals like this can’t past it thanks Scotty,guru , dude . And crew keep up the great work I vote with dollars 💵

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