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Getting hot out there DGC!? As I embark on my 4th/5th summer green thumbing, over the years I’ve pieced together equipment needed, 1 at a time, improving my margins for my “yield limiting factor.” Few items on the wish list that does include the dgc recommended “dual hose portable ac.” So, the long winded “until then” this was this year’s idea for cooling what will eventually be a temporary “hang/dry” tent, to hack my domicile AC duct work. Hit the ole Menards (where I saved big money $$$, idk, I jus f”n stopped there) not too familiar with the names of the parts, but there were 2, lol, a “T”, and a “stack on”, pulled the basement/ lung room vent cover, and went mcguyver! Getting her down to 67, that’s without any adjustments to the upstairs, ill play with it, try and dial it in. So for your viewing pleasure! Thanks DGC, and community! Stay Irie!