What’s up DGC! I could really use some help. I’ve had to runs in a row plagued with the dreaded pm. I trashed a good 25% of my last two harvest’s and washed everything else that didn’t .have any visible signs of pm with a hydrogen peroxide solution seems to be ok. I have a quest dual 105 so no humidity issues 2 hurricane wall fans so good circulation Merv 12 on my air  intake and temps stay between 80and 82 in the day and around 73 at night so I’m not really sure why it keeps coming back. I spray Neem in veg which seems to work great never any signs of pm in veg. In flower I use green cleaner or flying skull nuke em usually but the last to runs it just keeps creeping in late in flower.  I plan on clearing flower room and using prokure g fast release to sterilize and prokure D slow release after. I was wondering if anyone has experience with these products our advice on how to safely use them. Prokure D says it’s safe for plants and humans because it’s such a low level but still affective against mold but will it degrade smell or quality of bud or kill good bacteria in soil,can I use it dry room or late flower.can I use prokure g in flower room with with veg plants in adjacent room. Seems like an awesome.product but not enough info available on howbto use it in grow situation. Thanks DGC!