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Hey guys I wanted to see if you could dig further into the propane burner situations. I was going through the same situation at the same time. I built a new beautiful 850 square foot room and was a month out to flipping into flower and turned my new co2 burner on at 1200 ppm and the plants got really weird. I understand the co2 burns off another gas sorry forgot what it was called. However, I researched a bit and found out to never start plants out in veg at above atmospheric co2 levels 300-400 ppm. I dropped my co2 to as low as the burner goes to 400 ppm and it creeps to 500-600 at night and the plants seem to be decently recovering. But still light in color after over a week. If they have recovered from looking weird am I’m okay to assume I’m not poisoning them anymore? I’m gonna throw a new fresh plant in there to be sure. But a topic that needs much more talking. Thanks guys!