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I think my bud quality is alright;), just the dry/cure is a mess.

Hey dudes, I’ve come across different dry/cure methods and wanted advice on the best way to do it. I’ve tried drying in my tent with 60 degrees and 60% RH for 10-11 days and then into jars for cure. I’d open the Jar once a day maybe 10/15 minutes or if the hygrometer says less than 60% rh then I ‘d leave it closed for longer periods. The bud has a hay smell, or doesn’t smell that great after the curing in the jar.

I’m not happy with the dry/cure and I’ve been doing research to try new methods at this point and came across Mystro’s setup. “the colder, the slower the dry will be only if the humidity is in check. 60-70f on temp (15.5-21c) the higher you go the more risk with terpene loss and some actually boil off at around 70f/21c. Most shoot for a temperature in the middle of that range. Now with humidity some start at 60-65%rh for the first few days. Then dropping it 5% every 2-3 days til they reach the 50-55% rh range. Drying can take a couple weeks in ideal drying conditions. Then the same environment is really required for curing the cannabis and stabilizing the overall humidity of the buds for long term storage.”
He also doesn’t put it in jars for cure.

This isn’t practical for a home grower, so he suggests do 60F/60% for dry/cure for a month or so. If I dry at that temp/humidity and the stems feel dry and pop sound after 11 days or so, how long should I continue to leave them in that room for before long term storage?

For the long term storage, should I be putting it in a fridge/cold cellar to preserve it? Typically my jars have been stored in a closet that is 19 C.

I’m open to any methods of drying/curing at this point.