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What’s up DGC?!?! I have a softball question, I think. What is the proper way to handle the plant during its life cycle?

Here’s what I currently do. Let me know if I should modify anything.

Seed – I try to limit how much I touch them, but I do not wear gloves. I also do not use tweezers to handle, just my fingertips. Thoughts?

Seedling – I sometimes will touch the leaves with my bare hands to look around.

Veg – I normally touch the leaves with my bare hands to look around the leaves, foliar spray, etc.

Flower – I’ll touch the fan leaves, but I do try to limit touching the buds, but I do on occasion to feel density. I do not wear gloves. Should I be wearing gloves? Should I avoid touching the buds?

Harvest – I’ve only harvested one time so far, but I didn’t wear gloves. Also, should I be careful of how much I move/shake the branches?

In Jar – I rolled the jar to mix-up the buds to make sure there won’t be any buds sticking together that could potentially lead to mold. Is that okay, or will tumbling the bud in this way knock off trichomes or do something else I may be unaware of?

I know this is a simple question, but I figure I spend so much time on the other details, I want to make sure I’m not compromising all that work by improper handling techniques.